Commencing Countdown Engines On

We’ve certainly taken our protein pills and will shortly be putting helmets on and well .. you know the rest of the lyrics. Thank you DB.

Following six months of planning, preparation, training, diet, medical examinations, inoculations and endless purchasing of clothing and equipment we have arrived at departure weekend. The expanding pile of “stuff” that has accumulated over the past weeks dwarfs the bag in which it should be travelling and it’s with excitement and trepidation that we start to squeeze everything into pint sized compression sacks and discard the things we really don’t need after all.

Each of us has acheived goals relating to fitness, cardio, endurance and weight and we have trained in many different ways. Today saw our final session on the Tower at Camana Bay followed by coffee at Bruno’s and it’s at this time that we reflect on what’s to come, the adventure, the people we meet, the friends we make, the sights, the sounds, the silence and the wondrous experience of the high mountains of the Himalaya. Truth be told, we really don’t know what to expect at all but more importantly, how will we feel when we return in a month.

I confided to a friend over lunch that whilst the trek will be arduous I am somewhat nervous with aspects of the climb to which he replied “that’s the adventure, if you weren’t nervous you may as well go to Miami”. So .. we’re going to the Himalayas.


Henry taking it seriously ice climbing on Les Grandes Montes


The final Tower assault … we will miss the many friends we have met on the early morning tower sessions
and the post training coffee at Bruno’s


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