Day 18 – Rest Day at Gokyo Lakes and a little piece of Cayman.

Today will be a short report as the rest day at Gokyo Lakes was just that. Some chose to walk around the lake others chose to stay in the warm making the most of real coffee and pastries and one intrepid member chose to hike up Gokyo Ri and admire the views.

Photo credits and thanks to Craig Burke.

Before leaving Cayman I was entrusted with a small piece of Caymanite to place somewhere appropriate on our journey. Gokyo Lakes seems perfect so a tiny piece of Cayman now sits peacefully on the shore of this sacred lake.

This was also a day to plan the remainder of the trip. It was decided that we would split in to two groups for the following two days and regroup in Namche. The larger group are to take the high pass Renjo La and take the route via Thame down to Namche. The smaller group will head south past Gokyo lake 2, on to overnight at Phortse Thanga and meet up in Namche. From Namche we head to Lukla and on to Kathmandu.

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