To Infinity and Beyond – until next time

It’s time to go home. We pack up in Namche ready for the two day trek back to Lukla with a wealth of unforgettable experiences from the past three weeks. The town clock tolls it’s simple bell chime telling us it’s 9 O’clock. Fittingly there are yaks in the passageway by our Tea House leaving gifts, I assume to wish us well on our journey?

After an arduous three and a half minute descent it’s time for coffee.

Our four guides throughout the trip have been just fabulous. Primarily they have ensured our safety but each of them have looked to make each day as comfortable as possible, helping those that need help, advising us as to local custom and making sure we achieve our goals. They are there to help in difficult situations and none more so than on the more challenging summits and treks. These guys and the many Sherpas and guides throughout the mountains are without question the hero’s. Thank you!

As we retrace our steps to Lukla we look at the faces of those fresh off the plane and starting their adventure and in turn them looking at us. What do they see? They are bright eyed, healthy and strong and by comparison we must resemble the walking wounded. In some way each of us is unwell, with many coughing and spluttering and we have three weeks of beard growth (it says something when after just three weeks my beard is longer that the hair on my head!). I asked the Turtle Trekkers to sum up the experience and the following words and phrases were used; dream come true, amazing, exhausting, incredible, challenging, gratifying, adventurous, memorable, exhilarating and cold. I do hope that the fresh faced walking the other way can read the more rewarding emotions when they look at us. My words are “eternally grateful”. Grateful to the simple kind generosity of the Nepalese people, grateful to have experienced such a magical adventure and grateful for the genuine friendship and companionship.

Sincere thanks to those that have taken the time to follow, comment, or message, your support means a great deal to the group. Thank you!

Finally, we are very much looking forward to getting together for coffee at Bruno’s next Monday morning.

10 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond – until next time

  • Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your amazing journey! It’s been wonderful to have a window into another world (from the comfort of home with running water, soft beds and heating/cooling). Safe travels home x


  • Congratulations to all you Cayman Turtle Trekkers. Your have suffered through/endured/enjoyed a memorable and dare I say, a life changing, experience and through the blog brought us each step of the way. Well done one and all!!


  • I can’t believe I won’t be getting anymore beautiful updates. It’s been a pleasure to follow your adventures and I’m sad they are coming to an end. I can only imagine the emotion you all must be feeling. I’m feeling very inspired and plotting when the Nehras might be able to follow in your footsteps. Can’t wait to hear all about it x


  • Congrats to all. Your adventure contrasts with the routine of every day life. It’s been great following this vicariously.



  • Thank you for allowing us to follow you on your amazing journey and through your creative narrative and beautiful photos and using a small window in our imagination to view a magestic part of the world and the extraordinary people (and yaks) and their humble lives and traditions. This must have been a truly enhancing and life changing experience. Thank you again for a glimpse. Safe journey home. Jacqui xx


  • Well done guys. I have loved following you all, on you adventures. Safe travels home, to good home cooked dinners, warmer weather and lots of tails to tell all your family and hairdresser (Barry).
    Karen Eydmann


  • Thank you for allowing me to take this wonderful adventure from the warmth and comfort of my home. You trekkers are are all amazing. Congratulations on a job well done!


  • It has been exciting to see what yall have experienced..Seeing the smiles on your faces knowing that the challenges before you were met and conquered…Congrats Guys..and to my Brother Mark..I can’t wait to hear your stories..Hugs Yvette


  • It has been a joy and so uplifting to follow your journey. Thanks to all for sharing and any chance of having access to the magnificent photographs in some way? Is there to be an exhibition with possibility of purchase? So beautiful and inspiring.


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